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Mar 26, 2013 6:00am PDT
happens today. today is prop 8 and tomorrow is doma. and should it go all the way, jacki schechner will be caught up in a magical frenzy and we'll be married on wednesday. >> we'll do anything for ratings. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: be like brittany spears -- and then the next week we'll be like we're kidding, right? in the meantime here she is in captain america's underpants my future bride, jacki schechner. >> mark kelly bought a military style rifle in tucson to prove a point, and the gun dealer said he is now resending the sale. he put a photo on facebook showing how easy it is to get a firearm. the background check took just minutes, but he had to wait because the store got it from a gun owner. he store owner says he didn't like the reason he was buying the gun to make a political point. he wrote he planned to turn the ar-15 over to the tucson police. he was going to keep the handgun. the wall street journal is live blogging events as the supreme court hears arguments on same-sex marriage. officials give out yellow yards for three minutes in a time. the process allows about 70
Mar 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
possible. i'm sorry. i think they're going to decide it on the prop 8 case on -- and doma on standing. on who has standing to bring. especially doma. they'll decide it on a narrow -- that somebody doesn't have standing to bring the case and same with prop 8. so it will overturn it. it will overturn prop 8 in california. i think that's gone. without a doubt. but i'm going to hold out the big optimistic, just let everybody get married decision. i don't hope -- i hope for that but i don't believe it will happen. >> stephanie: what makes me nervous is whin you have somebody like a -- is when you have -- i was just doing a hernia test on jim. you have somebody like ruth bader ginsburg, she's pro-choice but roe v. wade did it create a backlash. that's a little unnerving right? >> right. except that i think the nation's ready for that. i mean you know, especially young people. what is it? 80% of young people are people under 30 -- that's young people. i feel so old. >> stephanie: all right grandpa. >> get off my lawn! >> stephanie: drop the prunes for a minute. go ahead. >> that they support mar
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2